Step Outdoors Network

Mission: The Step Outdoors Network will work to foster sustainable healthy behaviors and expose community members to a variety of outdoor activities that will improve the health and quality of life in Tioga County by promoting local, state, and federal recreational opportunities. “Connecting People To the Outdoors!”

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Visit the Step Outdoors Network’s project website, for local events, activities, maps and more!

Springfest at Hills Creek- May 19!

History: Step Outdoors (…where health meets adventure!), was created with funding provided through the state initiative, Steps to a Healthier PA (i.e. Steps). Local Steps partners, the North Central Pa Area Health Education Center and the Tioga County Partnership for Community Health began organizing, promoting, and offering volunteer support for collaborative outdoor events with recreation entities: DCNR PA Bureau of State Parks (Hills Creek State Park), US Army Corps of Engineers (Ives Run Recreation Area), and Wellsboro Parks and Recreation. Today, the workgroup has many outdoor partners and community members who network for the purposes of coordinating their respective activity schedules. In this way, the Step Outdoors Network not only offers a few great outdoor events, but also helps to ensure activities are available all year round as a means to improve health through encouraging use of the outdoor resources in Tioga County, Pa.

Workgroup projects:  The website is the central promotional project of the Step Outdoors Network workgroup. Each event included there has different requirements. Planning and organizing the TRYathlon at Hills Creek is a central focus that has its own dedicated committee. Other events are simply shared at Step Outdoors Network meetings as a means to coordinate schedules and promote events thereby encouraging outdoor physical activity.