Name: Partners In Progress- Vocational Services


Phone: 570-662-7026

Address: 332 South Main Street, Mansfield, 16933

Geographic Area: Tioga County, PA

Population Served: For vocational services, must be 18 years or older, have a documented disability, and be registered with a Supports Coordination agency.

Brief Description: Partners In Progress operates two voactional facilities. The Mansfield location is operated like a manufactruing setting where individuals learn assembly procedures, quality control, and workplace ettiquette. The second location is a chocolate factory in Wellsboro, PA, called Highland Chocolates. Individuals at the factory develop skills such as producing, packaging, and shipping chocolate. Our goals is for individuals to develop work skills and competetive employment.

Volunteering Opportunities: Y

Volunteering Contact:

Category: Community, Disability Services, Transportation, Vocational Services

Keywords: disabled, disabilities, social, vocational, vocational training, supported employment, prevocational services, student transition services