Be Your Best You History

“Be Your Best You” began in 2010 as a media campaign that included voice recordings done by Tioga County locals who described how they can be their personal best. With help from our local partner radio station, KC101 FM, radio ads were aired to the public. Further “Be Your Best You” radio ads included tips that encouraged good decision-making. Perhaps you’ve heard the tagline, “What do YOU do to be YOUR best you???” The media campaign continued on quarterly placemats that were distributed to many area restaurants. Each seasonal placemat displayed local statistics, messages for healthy living, lists of free community events, coloring activities for kids, and positive messaging provided by our Partners.  The Be Your Best You concept has grown and expanded to become much more than a media campaign. It is now a recognized work group of the Tioga County Partnership whose mission is, “We create opportunities for life-long learning, to foster the pursuit of happiness, and to enhance resilient communities.” Much of the work of this group is centered around supporting the volunteer base in the community and helping others to recognize the value of volunteering to the community and the individual themselves. The revitalization of the Youth Leadership Program 2.0 has become a large part of the mission of this group as it encourages youth to undertake community service projects.