Name: Pine Creek Watershed Council



Address: 118 Main Street, Wellsboro PA 16901

Geographic Area: Pine Creek Watershed

Population Served: All who enjoy the Pine Creek Watershed

Brief Description: The Pine Creek Watershed Council wrote and continue to update the Pine Creek Rivers Conservation Plan. It presents a non-regulatory, non-prescriptive framework for addressing issues the watershed faces, and offers a wealth of good ideas for community groups to pursue and carry out. We provide technical assistance, education and support to municipal officials, watershed groups, agencies, and partners, especially in implementing the Rivers Conservation Plan. We commit time and money in an organized manner both proactively and reactively to conditions and issues in the watershed. For example, we assisted a series of restoration projects along Wilson Creek, a tributary near Wellsboro. This included installation of riparian buffers, livestock fencing, and in-stream habitat structures to help stabilize stream banks.

Mission Statement: The Pine Creek Watershed Council is a locally driven ad hoc group of watershed residents, organizations and agencies that have a commitment to respecting and improving our watershed.

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes

Volunteering Contact:  Email Jim Weaver at

Category:  Environmental Services, Education, Community

Keywords: Pine Creek, Watershed, Water, Environment, Aquatic, Conservation, Restoration, Stream, Community Education