Tioga County Visitors Bureau

Name: Tioga County Visitors Bureau Website: http://www.visittiogapa.com/ Phone: 570-724-0635 Address: 2053 PA-660, Wellsboro, PA 16901 Geographic Area: Tioga County Population Served: All residents and visitors Brief Description: Information and materials available about attractions, events, accommodations, and more in Tioga County. Volunteering Opportunities: N Volunteering Contact: N/A Category: Arts and Leisure, Recreation, Community Keywords: Travel information, […]

US Army Corp of Engineers–Tioga-Hammond (Ives Run Recreation Area)

Name: US Army Corp of Engineers– Tioga-Hammond (Ives Run Recreation Area) Website: http://www.nab.usace.army.mil/Missions/Dams-Recreation/Tioga-Hammond/ Phone: 570-835-5281 Address: 710 Ives Run Lane, Tioga, PA 16946 Geographic Area: Population Served: Brief Description: Surrounded by lush forested ridges, the lake offers recreation for the entire family, including picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting and wildlife watching. Ives Run, with its beach […]

Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Name: Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce Website: http://www.wellsboropa.com/ Phone: 570-724-1926 Address: Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901 Geographic Area: All Population Served: None Brief Description: Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce Membership is a team of over 300 members working together to build a strong community for today and tomorrow. Volunteering Opportunities: Y Volunteering Contact: 570-724-1926 Category: […]

Tioga-Bradford Macaroni Kid

Name: Tioga-Bradford Macaroni Kid Website: http://tioga.macaronikid.com/ Phone: 570-404-0282 Address: Blossburg, PA Geographic Area: Tioga and Bradford Counties Population Served: Families in and around Tioga and Bradford Counties Brief Description: A FREE website and weekly e-newsletter for parents listing local events and activities as well as recipes, crafts and parenting articles. Volunteering Opportunities: Y Volunteering Contact […]

Potter-Tioga County Library System

Name: Potter-Tioga County Library System Website: http://www.pottertiogalibrary.org Phone: (814) 274-7422 Address: 106 E. Main Street, Knoxville, PA 16928 Geographic Area: Potter and Tioga County Population Served: Brief Description: The System delivers rotating collections of large-type books and books on CD quarterly to its eleven member libraries. The System also operates deposit libraries in twelve small […]

Stamp Camp USA

Name: Stamp Camp USA Website: Phone: 814-258-5601 Address: 117 Court Street, Suite A, Elkland, PA 16920 Geographic Area: Tioga County Population Served: Ages 8-14 Brief Description: Stamp Camp USA is a collaborative educational program for children ages 8 to 14. Campers begin by learning stamp collecting basics, including the proper care of a stamp collection […]

Blossburg Memorial Library

Name: Blossburg Memorial Library Website: http://www.blossburgmemoriallibrary.com Phone: (570)638-2197 Address: 307 Main Street, Blossburg, PA 16912 Geographic Area: Population Served: Brief Description: We are a small public library situated in the Tioga River Valley of North Central Pennsylvania. Our library is a great place to open your mind to the world through reading and the Internet. […]

Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild

Name: Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Website: http://mountainlaurelquiltguild.blogspot.com/ Phone: 570-404-4541 Address: Geographic Area: Population Served: Brief Description: The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild furthers the art of quilting through education, provides a means of sharing ideas, materials, skills, and fellowship, and encourages self-expression through the art of quilting. Meetings are held at 7 PM on the third […]

Mansfield Free Public Library

Name: Mansfield Free Public Library Website: http://www.mansfieldpubliclibrary.com Phone: (570)662-3850 Address: 71 North Main Street Mansfield, PA 16933 Geographic Area: Population Served: Brief Description: \”The Mission of the Mansfield Free Public Library is to provide a modern library education and reference system to area residents through printed materials, films, educational programs and computer and internet access.\” […]

Westfield Public Library

Name: Westfield Public Library Website: http://www.westfieldpubliclibrary.com Phone: (814)367-5411 Address: 147 Maple Street, Westfield, PA 16950 Geographic Area: Population Served: Brief Description: We believe in the “Unquiet Library.” We strive to create an environment that is a social hub within the community-a place you want to be, not a place you’re forced into to tie up […]

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