“Building a Better Community” County-wide Survey Mini-Reports and Data Visuals

~A Measurements & Outcomes Work Group Project~ 


Quantitative research: Reports by Dr. Karri Verno

Numerical data that examines relationships and determines cause and effect

Report: Overview of All Community Resources 

Detailed Analyses for…

Report: Housing and Childcare Availability/Affordability, and Job Opportunities 

Report: Government, Safety, and Education

Report: Trash and Recycling

Report: Parks, Recreation, and Transportation

COMING SOON: Detailed analysis reports featuring more Community Resources (i.e. economic, social, family, and community supports)


Qualitative research: Reports by Dr. Nicolle Mayo

Themes in reasons, opinions,and motivations of open-ended responses

Report: Community Resources (Open-ended Responses)

Report: Environment (Open-ended Responses)

Report: Best Things about Tioga County (Open-ended Responses)

Report: Outdoor Activities (Open-ended Responses)

A sampling of Qualitative Data Visuals**. See all eleven visuals in PDF links below.

FINALCommunity Activities_InfoGr Regular PNG                   HI-RES PNG Local and Co. Gov_ infoGr                  School Governance an Edu. Qualitative infographic


**To get the full picture of all open-ended responses in the survey, VIEW ALL ELEVEN Qualitative Data Visuals below. Please keep in mind these are best understood in conjunction with the quantitative work of Dr. Verno displayed at the top of the page.

Open-ended Responses: Community Activities (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Local and County Governance (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: School Governance and Education (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Childcare Concerns (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Economic Concerns (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Housing Concerns (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Law Enforcement and Safety (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Older Adult Concerns (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Public Transportation (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Trash and Recycling (PDF)

Open-ended Responses: Job Concerns (PDF)